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Why I Went Vegan | My Vegan Blog

So,  you are probably thinking about going vegan, right? Great for you. Believe it or not, I was just in your shoes a little while ago!

I was searching the internet for tips and tricks on ” How to Go Vegan”, afraid that I would do it wrong or completely screw up the recipes. Just know that everyone has to start somewhere, and we are in this together!

Sometimes you just have to hear of other people’s experience, to get a clear picture of what to expect.Well, you’re definitely in the right place to get some insight from an ex-meat eater’s perspective. lol

Before I Went Vegan

The Old Me: I’ve always been a little thicker than most of the girls I grew up with. Whenever we went out, I was always called “the thick one” by guys. I used to think I was “big boned” as my mama would say. I knew that couldn’t be true because I had small wrist bones. I knew there had to be another way.

After I had my son, I breast fed for a few years and kept the “baby fat” a few years longer than expected. I was 24 when I reached my heaviest weight: 205 lbs, and kinda just yo-yo’d a few pounds up and down.  It wasn’t until a whirl wind happened in my life and I was introduced to meditation. The Law of Attraction Movie, and Eckhart Tolle. I was questioning the Universe and God about where I was going in life, and literally the next day my best friend showed up at my door with The Law of Attraction Movie and The Power of Now book. As I went through a huge Aha’ transformation period, I began believing that the inevitable was possible.

One late night after work, I was chilling watching t.v. and  saw the Insanity commercial, Sean T had me sold! I immediately ordered and followed the program to a tee. I did insanity religiously for 60 days and lost 50lbs and lost an additional 15 pounds that year, and kept it off! I got all the way down to 135lbs, and I couldn’t have been happier.


Fast forward, one abusive and chaotic relationship later, I went through a deep depression and just lost the motivation to take care of myself. I felt all my spiritual work was shattered and my once brightly lit spirit was completely depleted. I didn’t know where to begin, and slowly over 2 years I gained a consistent 20 lbs. At first I actually enjoyed having a little extra thickness on my thighs, and a bigger butt. It helped me begin to get my sexy back, I guess. I was fluctuating between 150-157, and still didn’t feel too bad. I’m 5’2 with a curvy shape, so I didn’t care too much.

I bet you’re like okay what does all this have to do with going vegan?? 

Yeah, I’m getting there! Chill.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to work from home, to have more time with my son, more time, control and freedom over my schedule.  I have a few online e-commerce businesses that I run, and little did I know I was also running my health into the ground.


My schedule became so unorthodox, I was eating all around the clock (literally). Random times of the day I would have eggs, cheese and toast, with a large cup of coffee with I don’t know how many tablespoons of sugar. Sugar was a huge issue.

I haven’t been much of a red meat eater for about 8 years, so that was never an issue. My major kryptonites were chocolate and cheese. My sweet tooth would creep out at random times, impulsively having me run to the grocery store for Snickers and Twix [I know it was bad] . Omelettes were a must, drizzling in cheese and veggies. I was a pescatarian. I ate fish, eggs, dairy, wheat and all the good sweets. Over 8 months, I gained 12 pounds and I was like “Oh Hell NO! This is going too far”. To top it off, I was struggling with acne like a damn teenager, and I’m 31.

My life became  so busy and overwhelming, I had a hard time picking myself up. I couldn’t find the energy to workout everyday, if I was lucky maybe twice per week.

All I can say is Meditation Woke Me Up!

I started to meditate more often than usual, I guess my soul had enough. Somehow I was lead to a Youtube video that was talking about “Raw Food Cleansing”, and raising your personal vibration for elevated manifestations. This resonated so deep with my spirit and it was confirmed that this was going to be our next move.

I couldn’t even watch the whole video before my spirit moved me to go straight to the refrigerator, and throw out all the unnatural garbage that wasn’t serving me, and then I began to research Veganism and good recipes. Once I found out information on how the human body functions and  thrives on natural food, and how damaging it is to eat unnatural food, that did it for me!

A few days later, my family and I went to a local Farmer’s Market, and bought all fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, grains and nuts, and I am happy to say that was 2 weeks ago.

We’ve decided to do this as a family, which makes it fun and easy to cope. We look for great recipes to enjoy ( and no not all of them were good), workout daily, and encourage each other. (Click here for amazing recipes)

I can proudly say that I am very happy & satisfied with my decision, and there is no looking back. Veganism is so beneficial in so many ways, it is hard to turn away from the beauty of it all. From health benefits, to economical, to Mother Earth, there is so much joy in knowing that all of the food I eat has it’s special purpose inside of me. I feel lighter, freer, and more energetic.

The point is, GOING VEGAN IS NOT HARD. It’s all in the mind, and the mind can be limiting! Anyone can do this, all it takes is a firm decision to be completely healthy.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about Veganism to try it. Give yourself at least 2 weeks or more, and I guarantee you will see and feel a transformation right before your eyes. Consult with your spirit before embarking on this journey, to be solid in your decision.

Be sure to subscribe & follow me on Youtube to food reviews, weight updates, spiritual advice, encouragement & so much more! It’s all about the journey, the destination is just the sweet spot.

I’ll be your sister in spirit to tell you, you are making one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!