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Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Vegan

If you are wondering what to buy, cook or eat during your new Vegan transition, I was just in your shoes two weeks ago, and trust it is fun and challenging at the same damn time.

After I decided to go vegan, I had an interesting time, trying to figure things out. Although it was (and still is) a great experience, there were a few things I wish hadn’t done. My mistakes would have saved time and money, so I thought i’d share and hopefully save you from making those same silly choices. lol. Enjoy!

Mistake # 1 Overdoing the Grocery Shopping

My first market trip was bananas..My fiance and I spent over $500 for a family of 3, and  quickly realized when we got home, that we did waaay too much.

Who was supposed to pack all of this? We were so exhausted from our 3 hour rampage around our huge Farmer’s Market, that we drove an hour away to get too, the bags were plopped down in the kitchen and sat there for a night. When I woke up the following morning, it took 2 hours to chop, blanch, freeze and organize everything, and honey it is work. There was so much food.

Mistake #2 Follow Your Heart & Not Too Many People

We were like newborn babies needing guidance on how to eat again, and we didn’t know who to listen too. The options are crazy- Raw Food Vegan, Alkaline Vegan, Carb-less Vegan, Tofu or Nah? Some gurus say eat this and don’t eat that, others are completely opposite. I found myself saying, well let’s kinda blend them together, and somehow that ended up costing way more than expected in so many ways.

There were so many recipes to try, and we forgot about our initial objective. The goal was to cleanse our bodies to heal from the inside out, and be one with the universe/nature. Being that we are of African descent, we want our skin, minds, souls and heart to be at its optimum best, and listening to too many people was kind of distracting. Everyone is different, so just follow what feels best for you and your body.

We wanted to follow Dr. Sebi’s principles, and eat mostly alkaline foods, but we also wanted to follow Raw Food Romance Lissa and eat completely raw food and cut out cooked food for a while. To be honest, all of this was a delicious, expensive mess, that we enjoyed but also learned from.

Mistake #3 Forgetting that Fresh Foods Are Alive too

As we slowly scoured every section of the market, searching high and low, shelf by shelf  we legit took 3 long hours. I felt bad because my son started complaining about his back and feet. My fiance and I were so focused on making sure everything was perfect, we got exactly what we needed,and we wouldn’t  have to come back until next month.


We forgot the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables have lives too, and they can’t retain all their nutrients and enzymes in someone’s refrigerator, or on the counter.

It’s best to buy you all natural foods 1-2 weeks out, so that you can enjoy their lifespan and get all the vitamins and enzymes you can before they diminish.

I mean, yes you can freeze them, and hold on to certain fruits and veggies for a little longer (their great for soups or smoothies) but if you want to lock in a real health boosting charge, I suggest chopping, packing and eating within 1-2 weeks.

Accept the Journey & The Experience

Those were my biggest mistakes, but it was a great learning experience. I guess we had to go through it, to grow through it, and understand what to do in the future. I will now only shop for 2 weeks, for our sanity and health sake. I am much more happier nowadays, and feel a vibrant satisfaction from the foods I eat, and I hope this helps you on your journey as well.

Remember, Divine Rootines are for the Glowing Beings.

And so it is.