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The Importance of Kemetic Principles Today


The Modern Connection to Ancient Spirituality

Nowadays, it’s becoming a common phrase to say, “Ask your ancestors”, “Pray to your ancestors”, “Talk to your ancestors.”

The question is, do you know who your ancestors are?

The sad truth is, many Black Americans don’t know their lineage, true bloodline, heritage or culture. So many of us have been floating through life, spending so much time trying to “make it”, that we hardly have time to live.

What makes it so bad is that you work all day, tired when you get home, hardly have time for your family or yourself. The system has torn African American people so far from their real essence for so long,  that people are starting to wake up. They realize that they have been fooled into a reality that was not designed for their success. Now it has come to the point where people are asking, seeking answers to the truth. The bible no longer satisfies that missing hole in their stomachs.  The Black Power that Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. and countless others had been fighting for suddenly makes sense. They may not have known the full truth, but as time goes on, the more is revealed. Now there is 99 reasons to stand tall.

This is the time when the beauty of melanin is kicking in, and is highly requested. The vast range of color is hard to be unnoticed and can be a little intimidating at times. Is this a coincidence or is it just the right place and the right time?

See I love this thought. Why? Because there is a time and place for everything, said every brown person I know. Yes this is the era, where Egyptian symbols, fashion and baby names are extremely popular. Ancient remedies for natural hair, skin, and make-up are blasted all over Youtube and social media.  Everywhere I go, I see men and women with  tattoos  of Ma’at, Nefertiti, Pharaoh,  or the ankh, and I wonder is this culture or purpose. I believe it’s both.


Our ancestors were rulers and gods. No one had to tell them the truth, they knew the truth. The Kemetic Principles and way of life was so magical, that life sprouted and manifested as they demanded. The importance of all living creatures, plants, and organs was vital to their survival, and they knew that every element of Mother Earth was created purposely. If all of creation is an extension of God, then aren’t we gods? The ancestors knew so.

By chants, mantras, rituals and calling on the elements of the universe, they could make rain appear, to feed the crops and provide water for the people. They called on the Sun to provide light and life upon them.

We are in the physical realm as depictions of our ancestors. We possess the same energy that once flowed through their magically adorned flesh suits . Their divine essence is not only around us but within us. We are our ancestors and they are us, and that will never be separate. The system was designed to keep minorities captivated, incompetent and incoherent to their natural inheritance. There’s no coincidence that the public school system teaches the history of irrelevant people to our actual history. The language is completely foreign from our native tongue. Almost everything that is taught in schools, was strategically formulated to build an army of obedient slaves that will evolutionize their master plan.

We are living in an Era where it is not only crucial to know your history, but to also have the desire to learn, and immediately apply the ancient principles and wisdom of your natural culture, or else.

There is a grand scheme that is taking place behind the scenes, and the best way to protect yourselves and your family to get wise, join together, and become one with who you naturally are.

I recommend seeking a Baba, or master teacher that resonates with your spirit, and become an eager student.  Somehow, from constantly asking the Universe for a Baba of truth and wisdom, I was lead to the most humblest, down-to-earth, wise, educated and well spoken,  Baba Mfundishi Jhutyms , who is a powerful leader in the Black community and more importantly, a master teacher of Ancient Kemetic Practices and how to apply them to your life today.  He is a Tanzanian native, who grew up in America, and has massive, powerful wisdom to share. I cannot begin to emphasize the passion, and determination he has to spread this knowledge around the world to those who are seeking answers, and wondering where to turn next.

If you are reading this post, and you have made it this far, it means you know that there is more power within you, and that you have access to all there is. You desire to know the truth, and some of what I said has resonated with you. I am thankful and grateful for you.

I highly suggest you check out these videos for more information, or just need a starting place that will not BS you with watered down information. My heart is with you, and we will get through this together!

More videos:Understanding Ancient Kemet Class 01

The Power of The Mdw Ntr

& Many more. Remember do your research, and find what resonates with you.

Look to your roots,

Zayda, your soul sister

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