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The First Awakening Phase

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

The first spiritual awareness phase is a dramatic cross-over experience that you will never be able to turn back on. Once you are aware, the ascension only goes up from there ( in stages). Everyone’s Aha’ awakening experience may be different but all share one commonality; higher consciousness and soul purpose.

In this blog I share my first awakening experience that shifted my consciousness from the 3-D physical world, to the Universal spiritual power of Oneness that we all have. My journey has been a roller coaster of magic, darkness, power and revelation.

Phase 1: Questioning God and Life

When I first awoke from the “sleeping-phase”, I remember questioning my life because somehow I had lost direction on where I was going. I reached age 24 and I started feeling like life wasn’t fair. I had the “woe is me” attitude because my achievements were so up and down. My downsides seemed like a spiraling affect, and the situations I attracted were beautifully chaotic. I did not realize I was attracting toxic people and situations unintentionally. I had a habit of starting projects, school, relationships and not finishing them. At the time, I was a college dropout , mother of a toddler, and had a boyfriend whom wasn’t too ambitious about life. We both worked mediocre jobs and made just enough money to pay our bills, and maybe go on a few dates per month. From the outside, our relationship looked happy but on the inside I was angry. I couldn’t figure out why my life was becoming stale. No one understood me, and I was frustrated.   Somehow I always ended up with guys who needed help. Financially, spiritually, emotionally, there was always something. I was the nurturer I guess, but didn’t realize why. I found myself continuing the same cycle of bullshit from relationship to relationship, not completing goals that I set out to accomplish because I was always trying to help them with their issues. I was always giving out my energy to other people, and forgetting about myself, and it would bite me.  Life just seemed like it was kicking my ass and I was confused. I had BIG dreams but not the right mindset.

One day I had enough. I was furious on this day.I looked up and screamed at the sky, “Why God?”  Am I a failure? Why is this always happening to me? What did I do? I can’t do this. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Feeling like the world was against me. Am I supposed to just be a single mom, with worthless boyfriend’s, live just over broke, party with my girls and spend my bi-weekly paycheck at the nail shop every other week. Maybe treat my son to Chuck-E-Cheese or TGIF, buy him Jordan’s and video games and somehow try to teach him to be a man? Oh I had serious questions to take up with the Universe and I was pissed. I knew life had to be better than this, and I was not a regular girl that would accept this.  I had no knowledge of spiritual awakening, but I was always drawn to astrology and horoscopes.  I knew our future was supposed to be much brighter than  it was. 

Phase 2: Demanding Answers From the Universe

This time I demanded the Universe for answers and immediate help.  

Who Am I?  I asked. Why is my life going like this? Who do you want me to be?  As I was walking, one of the straps on my flip-flop broke, and I just fell to the ground in tears. I was so confused about life and how it worked. I didn’t like looking like a crazy person; I was actually very loving and compassionate. I went back to the car  and calmed down. I drove off,  went home, and didn’t speak much the rest of the day.

Phase 3: The Universe Answers

The next day my best friend showed up at our house unexpectedly. Her demeanor was strange and overly enthused. She asked me if I knew anything about meditation. I said, “Medi-what?”  She was like “Oh my god, you have to see this movie called The Law of Attraction, it will change your life forever.” I had no idea where this was going but I said “Ok”. We made a couple’s movie date out of this life changing movie. We cooked amazing food, and played the movie. Our eyes were glued to the TV. screen and shocked at how the words that were coming from the screen. Everything we thought we knew about life had gone out of the window, and our spirits were physically  transforming in that moment. Our spirits were moved and uplifted and finally we had some answers, some truth on the true power that we hold inside our human shells.  We understood why our lives had manifested into the very mess that we created, even how we met.  We learned so much, and one of the simplest messages, which had never fully made sense before was “Thoughts Manifest Things.” The lightbulb in my head was lit. 

Phase 4: The Soul Hungers

My soul became extremely hungry for more spiritual soul-food. I yearned to find myself at the deepest core, and I was determined to be a soul seeker.  I went to the local library searching for self-help spiritual books. I came across many great spiritual books, and spiritual teachers  such as Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, and Osho. You can say I was obsessed with growing spiritually and understanding who I was. The spiritual books I started with were: A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle and The Awakened Life, by Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Each word resonated with my soul. It was as if the words were meant for me at the perfect time, and described everything I had been feeling and going through.  Next I read the Law of Attraction, by Abraham Hicks, and followed the instruction on how to meditate, and attract the very things I wanted to experience or become.I began to meditate religiously day and night, reading constantly, and magical changes began occurring almost immediately. Life was unfolding right before my eyes. I felt  calmer, and outside circumstances didn’t affect me as much. I was happier as a soul being, and my thoughts came from my heart and not my mind. I could recognize the difference. I now could differentiate my ego, from my soul and understand the two different voices.  

During morning walks outside, the colors of nature became brighter and more beautiful. My appreciation for the beauty of nature grew strong, and I felt this intense oneness with all that exists.  The smallest things would put a smile on my face, like birds singing in the morning breeze, or the undeniable vibrant, lush blossoming of the flowers in my front yard. Life just became extremely beautiful.

Phase 4: The Soul Takes Over

Then one night, before meditation, I played  soft music, burned a few candles, and  sat down on my living room floor. I set up the meditation space to welcome the ancestors and angels, and I began to meditate. I was mentally stating affirmations of gratitude, and envisioning my body exactly as I wanted to be. Something soul-shaking happened.

I felt a huge electric current shock straight through my body from the top of my crown to the bottom of my feet, as if I was being electrocuted with soul light. It lasted for about 20 seconds, it was extremely intense.My body continued sitting there, but my soul had levitated and I remember leaving out of my body. I could see myself from outside view, and I could fly. I became one with spirit, I was and am spirit, and my soul was reminded of this. When I returned to my body, and awoke I was literally a new being.

An old soul being that had been here many times rather, but to others I was a new human. I walked and talked different, and had an undeniable smile. I glowed like the sun, and everyone noticed a 360 demeanor in how I treated people and myself with unconditional love.  I had new eyes that could see through the bodies of people I came in contact with. I could see through their  eyes of others, and literally see their souls. It didn’t matter if they were a business woman in a Chanel suit, or a homeless man on the street. I was comfortable talking and hugging them. I wasn’t intimidated or disgusted because I had a deep knowing that they are me, and I am them.  There was something to learn from or relate too from everyone. The dynamics had changed and I now knew  that I was a soul occupying a human shell,  was fearless.

Phase 5: The Honey Moon Phase

I was able to control my mind, and only use it when necessary. My soul just took over the daily operations of everything going on inside, and it was amazing. It was a bitter sweet moment though, because it was like learning how to drive a car, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone on the road.

The Journey into the Unknown Can Be a Long Walk Alone

Since I was in a relationship, I explained to my boyfriend, that I loved him but I needed to walk this new journey alone for awhile. I didn’t want to hurt him with anymore of my mistakes or mishaps. 

 I was still learning about myself, and did not want to be selfish. I realized I needed to let certain people and situations go that were no longer serving a meaningful purpose in my life. Unfortunately, that also meant friends too. The party girls that wanted to go shopping every Friday, and dash in and out of the nail shop every other week to attract thirsty guys had to go too.

I was no longer satisfied with the mundane wild lifestyle of a twenty something girl. I no longer could relate. I was born again, more connected to oneness, nature, and universal love and serving my true purpose. My soul was on a mission, and now that the mind, and body were all caught up and on the same track, we had to get to work.

There was a lot of spiritual work to do. My spirit was preparing to be tested and I had yet to know of the many obstacles that I was soon to face, once the honeymoon stage was over.

I walked into the unknown, not knowing what to expect but understood I was being initiated. The ride was like no other yet beyond amazing and cannot be described in words.

When I awoke each day, I was sincerely thankful, and could not wait for the day to get started.  I found so much joy in the unknown. I was so excited because I didn’t know what was going to happen during the day but I knew it was going to be amazing. I anticipated wonder-full days, and it was always bliss. So many people would compliment this new glow. I was always hearing “Wow you are glowing”, “Or you are some kind of angel”.

Random acts of kindness would happen everywhere I went, money was flowing in effortlessly, people would surprise me with gifts, in the store people would go out of their way to assist me. Like it was crazy, green lights would change for me almost immediately.I was on cloud-9, on a spiritual high that I didn’t want to end.  All of this beautiful wonder lasted for about 2 and a half sweet years.

Phase 6: The Journey Goes Deeper & Beyond

Now that was about 9 years ago for me at this point, and the awakening growth only gets deeper, more challenging, and intense.  When you are called to go through spiritual initiations, there comes more learning and growth spurts.  Some of which I will discuss in another article.

As for the first time, once you go through it, there is no turning back. It’s like learning to drive, once you learn and you become an expert, there is no turning back. You will always know how to drive. The one thing they don’t tell you is that not only will you have to understand this manual on driving, but there will be bigger obstacles to overcome.

The more adversity you will face, will make you a stronger light being, and more helpful among others. Your vessel will be used for the elevation of mankind.   It’s as if the Universe is saying “Don’t get too comfortable; living angels don’t earn their wings that easy”. 

It’s all a part of this beautiful thing we call life.I wish you the best on your journey.

Your soul sister,


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