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Is Veganism A Spiritual Choice ? The Truth Behind the Decision

Are Veganism and Spirituality Connected?

This is a question that many people ponder. Is it religious, spiritual or just a simple choice?

In my opinion, every choice we make for ourselves comes from the Universal spirit living out through our flesh. We may believe that we are making a sound decision to stop eating animals, or using animal products and spreading love and joy, but who’s to say that wasn’t a part of destiny anyway?

As humans continue to inhabit the earth, the Millennial Generation is slowly waking up and realizing that animals are vitally necessary to the survival of the human race and are needed to  help continue the cycles of life for our economical and agricultural growth.

Yes of course, certain people may have their reasons for going vegan,  such as,  political beliefs, religions, or anti-animal cruelty stances, but has anyone ever thought about going deeper than the surface?

Conscious  thoughts arise from somewhere from deep within ( the sub-conscious), hence the saying “Thoughts Become Things”. Well those thoughts come from spirit, and there is no coincidence that you are pondering the thought to stop consuming animals and animal products. 

The truth arises from Spirit, where the REAL you resides. We are all simply spiritual beings having a human experience, and this is not something that is taught in school. In fact, we are taught the exact opposite, which can make “following our natural instincts” much harder than what it should be. 

The bible states that we (man and woman)  were the last Divine creature to be made. For that special purpose, we were given dominion over all of the land and every thing in it. One small, yet enormous detail that seems to slip the minds of man is that our bodies were not created to  consume all of the living creatures in the land.  Naturally, the organs in the human body have a hard time breaking down the amino acids, fatty tissues, and cells from animal meat. 

Just like the animal kingdom  the human temple has a specific diet to adhere to.  When we don’t follow our “nature” diet, our body becomes a home to dis-eases and illness.  This is not just spirit, this is science. 

For example, have you ever fed a dog some of your food? What changes do you notice? The dog gets sick, constipated, and some even develop diarrhea. The poor pups body is naturally sensitive to foreign food that was not meant for an animal to sustain proper health. Although, the dog enjoys the flavors of the food, the human diet is not meant for a dog. 

So why wouldn’t the same concept be true for the human body? It’s just common sense, but this sense to wake up and smell the truth comes from the conscious evolution of spirit sweeping the nation.  

I believe everything happens for a reason, and nothing is for chance.  There’s no coincidence that so many are becoming more health conscious and wanting to understand how to live a healthier life.

The higher ups are making the decision even easier and almost  crucial, because in these days we can no longer trust what’s on the grocery shelves.

As a child who was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s, I remember not having to think about what food was bought from the store. There was no such thing as genetically modified fruits and veggies ( not that I knew of anyway). I know my parent’s freely shopped without worry or care.

Now, as a mother of my own children, I am very cautious of what we are eating because so many people I know, have been dying younger and younger and it’s gotten out of control. Young people dying from heart attacks and cancer, really? Since when.

But just like that saying “What Goes Around Comes Back Around”, so does the cycle of life, and I believe this is all of spiritual purpose. We all came to earth for a reason, to push evolution forward.

As a collective, we are making small changes that are apart of the big “whole”, and eventually this will lead to a humanity of light beings that heal each other with love and positivism.  The  bodies of man will be clean, whole and healthy.  The more healthy souls on the earth, the more healing can take place.