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How to Use Your Intuition | The True Kemetic Meaning


How many times have you heard that saying, “Follow your intuition” or “Trust Your Gut?” “Use Intuitive Thinking”. Probably a million times, but has anyone ever told you to research what the word intuition really means? I would like to shed some light on the actual origin of this word, and the Ancient Kemetic originality of this concept.

A few nights ago, I was reading a blog post on spiritual cleansing, and my curiosity led me to the comments at the end.  As I scrolled through the comments, I came  across a young lady asking “How do I listen to my intuition?”. At first I thought that was an  odd question, but my spiritual reaction was thinking there may be others out there with this same confusion. So let us start from the beginning. Below I’ve gathered the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definitions/ Roots of the word. 

What Does Intuition Mean?

Intuition (n.) a) To gather insight. b) the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference
Origin: Latin root: Latin intuition-, intuitio act of contemplating, from Latin intuēri to look at, contemplate, from in- + tuēri to look at

Clearly, the definition is stating that intuition is something that exists externally; outside of who you are, and you must gather it to attain it. They are saying that it is not naturally inside of you.

If you look closely at the origin of the word intuition, you will see “intuit” means to look at or to contemplate. Contemplating simply means to think long and hard about before making a solid decision.

The concept of intuition is based on consideration and contemplation, which has nothing to do with truly connecting to the Divine Source and truly knowing the power you possess.

What Did Ancient Eygptians Call Intuition?

The people of Ancient Kemet, knew how to tap into the powerful spirit and connect with God immediately.

I searched for the Ancient Kemetic translation for intuition and it does not exist. The only and best translation I could find is Mer-Ka-Ba. Mer means “chariot” “light” “travel”, Ka means “soul” “spirit”, Ba means “human body”. As one word, merkaba means the chariot light that connects spirit and body to travel through the higher or lower realms. The people of Ancient Kemet knew they had Divine right to access the Divine through cosmic travel immediately. There was a powerful knowing of who they were.

Fortunately, that is the very message was left for us in the pyramids of Egypt, “Know Thyself”. The key to traveling through Spirit is to know that YOU are a spirit being, a Divine God, who has dominion and power to travel through the cosmic energy that exists within you, and outside of you. This is your magic!

Your magic tools are whatever your spirit resonates with. For example, if you gravitate towards crystals, herbs, plants, colors etc…Use them to your Divine advantage to be able to live a life spiritual meaning and purpose. You can use natural resources as talismans to go within, and astro travel , and pull from the spiritual realm, what you need in the physical realm.

The power of the mind is REAL, and all it takes is “Knowing Thyself”.

I hope this was helpful, and shed some light on intuition vs. Knowing Thyself, because there is a very distinct difference.

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Your Soul Sister Zayda

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