Healing Meditation Showers

Ever feel like you hardly have time for meditation because life has you going in circles? Are you in need of some soothing relaxation with spirit?

One of the best places to meditate is in the shower. You take showers already, so this is a perfect oasis to open the channel of communication through waters. We came from water in our mother’s womb, we are made up of mostly water, and energy flows as water does. It makes sense that as the water flows down your skin, under the shower head, you can make this a place for peace of mind.

I like to do this practice at least 3 times per week, preferrably at night but it works for morning showers as well.

Here are some amazing techniques to create the ambiance for complete oneness with mind, body and spirit.

Step 1: Prepare your Oasis

Light some candles (1 or more is fine). The fire from the candle is a portal that opens up for our ancestors, spirit guides and angels to communicate with us. This is the doorbell to the ancestral realms, and it let’s them know you would like to connect. Your higher self will appreciate this simple step.

Step 2: Play Soft Meditation Music

You can play soft meditation music (binaural beats are optional), as this adds to the vibrations of the water, and makes an even bigger impact.

The music will allow you to calm down and relax, and also give you a rhythm in which to calm your breaths. It will also feel really good, as if you are in a personal waterfall. You may actually travel to another dimension in this state.

Step 3: Set Your Water Temperature

Set your water temperature just right. Make it warm enough that you will be able to put your entire body under the water; face, hair and all. The goal is to be one with the water.

Step 4: Bring in your Mobile Alter (Optional)

Now this is optional. You don’t have to have an ancestor alter, and if you don’t have one that is perfectly fine. What this does, is usher in the spirits of your ancestors and lets them know that you are thinking of them and want to connect. It is a great addition to your meditation but not necessary. They will hear you.

Step 5: Set An Alarm (If you have too)

If you have to go to work, an important meeting or simply somewhere to be, set an alarm. This practice does not have to take long at all. I suggest this practice be at least 5 minutes if that is all you can squeeze in. There is no judgment, so be true to yourself. If you can go longer, great!


Once you are in the shower, before you cleanse your body GIVE THANKS! 

Give thanks to your angels, ancestors, spirit guides etc..thank the water, thank your body , your higher self and so forth.

Express gratitude, and let this open up your meditation session.

Then feel free to mentally state your affirmations over and over as you calm your breaths.

Inhale & hold for 5 seconds. Breathe out slowly. Do this at least 10 times repetitively .

Now what I like to do is sit  cross legged on the bottom of the shower floor for at least 15 minutes. ( Yes you just might get wrinkly but it’s worth it). I close my eyes as I feel the warm shower running down the lower half of my body. I then use this time to listen. No thinking, just listening.

If you notice thoughts arising, let them pass. Just continue to be taken away for the duration of your oneness. Tap in and tune into all of the vibrations internally and externally.

Once you have completed your meditation, go ahead and cleanse yourself. Wash your temple with the ultimate care. Look at your delicate skin, and scrub with love.

When you get out make sure to keep the candles burning. Keep the flames of conversation with spirit going. The energy is still flowing, and it expresses love to the Universe.

Remember you are spirit and spirit is you, make time for SELF!

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