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The Miracle Oil For PCOS & Insulin Resistance

Black Seed Oil has worked wonders for me in the annoying and upsetting realm of Insulin Resistance (aka Type 2 Diabetes). Ever since my old primary care doctor called me into her office a few months ago, and gave me the horrible news (that I was pre-diabetic and not suffering from PCOS), I made the sound decision to do something about it.  I want to share my testimony and the 8 benefits I have noticed while taking this amazing miracle oil . If this is what you came for, then keep reading!

My Annoying Symptoms

Over the past year I gained 20 stubborn pounds, developed little facial hairs around my neck area and surprisingly noticed an unusual change in my menstrual cycles.

Sometimes I lacked energy and just couldn’t grasp why some days I woke up feeling tired. I was adjusting to a new relationship, different eating and lifestyle habits, and my body did not want to adhere to the new program.

The major benefactor was my period. Each month they were becoming extremely irregular (which was not normal at all). During my ovulation period I usually get cramps and very light spotting, but at this moment in time, I wasn’t getting any signs of a period; NOTHING!

To my surprise, Aunt Flo’ decides to show up unusually late, and this time, a dark brown color instead of bright red.  I was a little confused but shrugged it off as stress or a just a sign of getting older. As a woman  in my early thirties, I still don’t know all there is to know about what to expect, so my instincts told me to wait it out. So I did!  Each month for about 6 months, the same thing continued, so I finally decided to see a professional.

The Doctor's Advice

This part will be as quick as possible because the conversation with the doctor was of no real help in my opinion. Looking up over her computer, she slowly revealed my blood results. Long story short, she said my insulin levels were abnormal and apparently I “was” insulin resistant. The pity in her voice sounded sad, as if I was sad charity case. I cannot explain how confused, yet unbothered I was. Here I am trying to figure out what is going on with my body and how to fix it, and she was giving me no signs of a healthy future.

The result of the doctor visit was her sound advice:

1) Eat a vegan diet (which I have been for 2 years)

2) Take metformin 2x per day which supposedly would decrease my insulin levels and even cause weight loss

3) Don’t be alarmed if it progresses into full diabetes, the fact that it is common among women of African descent, and it runs in my family.

The Beginning of the End With Metformin

My logical and spiritual mind both tried to prevent me from taking prescription drugs. I stared at the metformin bottle for at least 20 minutes, contemplating the safety and overall feeling. I read good and bad reviews and still was unsure. I did not want to base my decision solely on the experiences of others so I put one in my mouth. For two days I had such a horrible experience. I couldn’t sleep, I was anxious, and I could hear my heart beating. Some would call this paranoia but I did not feel like myself. To hear the full story, check it out here. Anywho, I would not wish this feeling on anyone.

The good news is, my boyfriend introduced me to the magic herb, and my first reaction was a little hesitant. The smell was a little off putting at first, but I did my best not to be discouraged. The best way to describe the taste is bitter, dark and oily; let me add that it is well worth it.

Here are My Top 5 Benefits of Black Seed Oil

1) Menstrual flow is back to normal. No more 2 day periods. Aunt Flo is back, and I’ve never missed her so much.

2) Increased Mood– The energy booster is a BIG DEAL. No longer am i feeling fatigued.

3) Increased Sex Drive– Yes! The libido is on 10! Being that the blood flow is being regulated, for some reason it makes the blood warm and sensual. A definite plus if you ask me.

4) Mucus Reduction. I am vegan, but for some reason almond milk tends to give me light mucus. With black seed oil, I hardly notice that anymore

5) Acne Reduction– No more crazy hormonal breakouts. I was so irritable and I know this affected my skin as well. The entire process was frustrating but all I can say is “No more

Black seed oil has played a major role during my healing process and has become a part of my lifestyle. The overall benefits well exceeded my expectations, and this is my go to recommendation for women who are going through the same thing.

For more information on Black seed Oil Benefits click here

Where to buy Black Seed Oil: For the Best Deals

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps. Please let me know in the comment box below, if this article was helpful, and if this method has worked for you.

I would love to hear from you all!

Peace and Love

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